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Financial Services


Maryam Rasouli came to this country as a nineteen year old girl with no money, no prospects and speaking not a lick of English.  Armed only with a fierce desire for financial independence and an innate passion for teaching and helping others, Maryam molded herself into the money-making guru she is today.  Twenty years later, she is one of the foremost experts in her field, training financial professionals all over the world to help their clients in a more productive way.  Most importantly, she provides clients and agents alike with the cutting-edge information they need to grow their wealth and provide peace of mind for themselves and their families.


Financial Services


Chris Sila started in the financial services industry in 1995. With 25 years of experience Chris has over 3,000 clients and has mentored thousands of agents how to be successful in this industry. Chris’ expertise is helping business owners and high net worth clients navigate the complicated area of finance and tax. He also has been very successful by establishing over 100 financial services offices nationwide in his career, and truly enjoys helping professionals become successful in this amazing industry.


Marketing / Financial Services


A licensed life-agent for over 11 years. Gary provides education while lining up the perfect solutions for his clients. Gary works with financial professionals to get the job done.

Gary also has an extensive background in sales and marketing and has brought his expertise to Total Edge Marketing.

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