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Stage 12. Business Launch II

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Look at you with that brand new Life Insurance license! Now is the time where you begin your journey as a licensed life insurance agent. You will want everyone who knows you to know what you do. An amazing way of doing this is to join a CRM and marketing system built specifically for life insurance agents. You will be able to market to all of your contacts, as well as manage and track your personal business and recruits. We encourage you to co-brand yourself with your trainer who already has years of experience which will bring you the credibility you'll need as a new life agent. 

Your Training Topics for Stage 12
  1. Sign up for your CRM/Marketing System

  2. Discuss How You Will Be Co-Branding with Your Trainer

Watch this video about the CRM + Marketing System:
Your Next Step...

Call your trainer to let them know you are ready to review your training topics for Stage 12

Once completed, your trainer will move you to Stage 13 where you will receive your next email with training instructions. 

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