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Stage 8. System Understanding Part II

stage 8.png

It's all about duplication training. Now that you've completed your 15 field trainings, it's time for you to switch seats! You are now in the driver's seat and your vehicle is fueled by the concepts that all of our field trainings are built on. Your trainer will review these concepts and will show you how to do these appointments exactly the way they did it. 

Your Training Topics for Stage 8
  1. Rule of 72

  2. Tax Now. Tax Later. Tax Advantaged.

  3. Tax Basics

  4. Sales + Building

  5. 3 Ways of Making Money

  6. Dime Method

  7. Calculator

  8. PPL

Your Next Step...

Call your trainer to let them know you are ready to review your training topics for Stage 8

Once completed, your trainer will move you to Stage 9 where you will receive your next email with training instructions. Great job! You are getting so close!

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