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Stage 6. Building Trust Part 5

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Field Training is where you go out with your trainer and do real LIVE appointments. It's kind of like learning how to drive a car. You learn about the rules in class, but you actually learn how to drive when you get behind the wheel. First, your instructor does the driving, and you watch. Then, when you get comfortable you switch seats and YOU start driving, and the instructor watches you.

Just ONE Field Training is equivalent to TEN in class trainings. Let's get you out on the field to do your trainings back-to-back fast!

Your Training Topics for Stage 6
  1. Start Your Field Trainings

  2. 15 Personal Financial Checkup (PFC) Appointments

  3. 15 Recruiting Appointments


Your Next Step...

Call your trainer to let them know you are ready to review your training topics for Stage 6

Once completed, your trainer will move you to Stage 7 where you will receive your next email with training instructions. Keep up the hard work!

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