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Stage 4. Building Trust Part III

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The Importance of Knowing Your WHY

Your "WHY" serves as a compass; it gives you reason and purpose and forces you to make choices from your intrinsic motivation. Furthermore, a clear WHY statement attracts people who believe what you believe, and let that be one of the more vital points when starting a business or project.

Your Training Topics for Stage 4
  1. Develop Your WHY

  2. NAT#3: What If Calculator /  Why PFC?

  3. NAT#4: System Flowchart / Associate Checklist

  4. NAT#5: Compensation / Promotion Guidelines

  5. NAT#6: 90 Days with Exchange Principles

  6. Determine Option A or Option B


Your Next Step...

Call your trainer to let them know you are ready to review your training topics for Stage 4

Once completed, your trainer will move you to Stage 5 where you will receive your next email with training instructions. Great job! You are on your way!

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