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Stage 3. Building Trust Part II

stage 3.png

Hey there! Welcome to Stage 3: Building Trust Part II. This stage is so important because you will be doing your own Personal Financial Checkup! During this process you will be reviewing the following:

  1. Review and Set Your Goals

  2. Review Your Protection

  3. Analyze Your Retirement Plans / Investment Options

  4. Preserving Your Legacy

Your Training Topics for Stage 3
  1. Personal Financial Checkup (PFC) - Take Action

  2. Home Visit. Get Support From Your Spouse

  3. Agent PFC - Your Money Matters


Your Next Step...

Call your trainer to let them know you are ready to review your training topics for Stage 3

Once completed, your trainer will move you to Stage 4 where you will receive your next email with training instructions. Again congratulations and the best of luck to you! Let's do this!

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