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Total Edge Touch + CRM Solution

Stay top-of-mind and manage your business in one place

Plug in to our proven Total Edge Touch Marketing System and your clients will never forget you. Our CRM is customized for your business so you can track every case and communicate with your clients every step of the way. 

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Social Media Success Program

Your all-in-one solution for Social Media Marketing

We build and post all of your content,

so you can focus on what you do best.

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Grow Your


Ask yourself an honest question. Do your friends and family know exactly what you do? Social Media provides an amazing solution to connect with everyone who knows you, and beyond. The key is to post relevant and timely information while staying consistent.


Our Social Media Success Program does all of that for you,

so you can focus on what you do best....selling.

Total Edge Marketing for P&C Brokers

Marketing + Partnership = WIN

Insurance Agent

Meet Your New Life Insurance and Annuity Division!

Partner with Total Edge Marketing to increase income from an untapped source....Life Insurance

We know you are busy. You can sell life insurance, but you just don't have the time. We've created a system to consistently market to your database while designing large cases for business owners and professionals. 

CPA's, Tax Pro's, Realtors & Loan Officers... 

Turns out these business professionals make EXCELLENT Life Insurance Agents. 

Add a Life Insurance Division to your business in just days

Offer your clients more by adding financial services

Branding You Big

We're here to make you look good

Custom Email Banners

Relevant Content

Story ads

Interactive ads 

Now Servicing!

Total Edge "Forget Me Not"

Greeting Card & Gift Program

When's the last time you received a card in the mail custom-made with your picture and a hand-written note inside? I bet it's been quite a while. We're developing a marketing system using gorgeous custom cards to wow your clients for birthdays, thank you's, anniversaries and more!


Social Media

The latest from t.e.m.

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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Our Clients

Why Total Edge Marketing?

"I just had the best compliment from a past client..."

"I just called to tell you that I've been receiving your emails and I've seen you on Social Media and you are looking very professional. I don't know what you are doing, but whatever it is keep it up! 

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Juavette Pulliam Johansen
Bridgeway Financial, Oakland, CA

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